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All You Need To Know About Heating Elements

Posted by Admin on September, 16, 2019

A normal heating element makes use of either a heater coil, a straight or corrugated ribbon or wore strip which gives required heat just like the filament of a lamp. Whenever electric current flows through it, the coil or ribbon starts glowing red hot and in the process converts the electrical energy into heat energy.

With the help of electricity, the coil gets heated up, which plays an important role in radiating out heat in all directions which can be used for several processes.
What Is A Heating Element Made Up Of?
Well, most of the heating systems like coil, ribbon, and strips are made using high-quality nickel or iron. The nickel-based elements usually bare nichrome which is a specially prepared allow made by mixing metals with done chemical elements. The alloy consists of eighty percent of nickel with about twenty percent of chromium.
Nichrome is popularly used as a preferred material for manufacturing most of the heating element. It is because this metal has a very high melting point ranging around 1400°C. Even at high temperatures, it is very least likely to get oxidized. Apart from that, nichrome does not expand too much on heating and owns a constant, neither too high nor too low resistance.
What Are The Different Types Of Heating Elements?
There are various types of heating elements. In some cases, the coils and strips are made using bare nichrome while in other cases; the metal is embedded in a ceramic material which tends to make the quality of the heating element more robust, durable and reliable.
It is because ceramics can cope up with real temperature and gets cooled and heated very fast. The average size and the shake of these heating systems are indirectly governed by the appliance in which it is being used.
The dimensions of the appliance determine what kind of heating element can fit inside. For instance, the tongs used for curling hairs have short and cooked heating elements as they require producing a lot of heat over the thin tube on which the hair strands are wrapped.
The electric radiators, on the another hand, have long bar-shaped heating elements as they need to produce enough heat which can work across the full surface area of the room. The electric stoves have coiled elements which can produce enough heat to cook in pots and pans.
How Can One Spot A Heating Element?
As per the heater coils manufacturers in Assam, some of the appliances, the heating elements are very quickly visible like in Electronictoaster, heater, etc. It is easy to spot the nichrome ribbons which are present on the walls of the toaster because once heated; they glow red. In appliances like the electric convector, concentric heating elements are used.
They are positioned in such a manner that they stand precisely in front of the electric fans so that heat can get easily transported through the process of convection. However, in case of a few appliances like the electric kettles, the heaters are not visible because they are concealed for specific safety reasons.

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